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Ajay Shastri, is a simple man who is now dead but his death is not the end of the story; it is the beginning of a tragedy. He has left behind his life, a beautiful daughter, Veena, and a plan soaked in the essence of revenge. With every death that takes place in the city, the plan is to get to its destination. The pawns of this revenge were set into motion way back and Death has been drooling over the sins they committed against him but what did they do? The law is helpless, the actions are irreversible and the victim is unaware of his death. They started it and it will end with their demise but who will be the last prey in this game of hunt?

Published in Hindi, The Dead Man's Plan is a 372-long book based on the tale of a town where death starts smiling upon a few men who have done things in their past which cannot be undone or forgiven. This fictional tale of death and revenge is already on the shelves and set to be produced into a series by Mushroom World Films.


About the Author

Sameer Sagar, a native of the city of Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh is a businessman by profession and a storyteller at heart. The author is the creator of the event circuit and block calculation formula. He is also the Co-founder and Director of a leading Bhopal-based Business Group "The Mushroom World". He has been awarded several times for his magnificent contribution as an entrepreneur and inventor in the field of business over the years. "The Dead Man's Plan" is the author's debut into the fictional world of storytelling. Since childhood, Mr. Sagar has always had an affection for literature and words. Apart from business and writing, Sameer Sagar is involved in social work.

The Dead Man's Plan: Hindi Murder Mystery Crime Thriller (KHOJEE 3.0 Edition)

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